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 Special events (trainings, conferences, galas, banquets, and other important events)


Do you organise trainings and conferences? Perfect. Acquiring knowledge is an important element of self-development. Therefore we plan such events very carefully. We provide technical support and organise the free time between presentations and speeches, which is a perfect opportunity to create good relations in a team and boosting motivation.

VIP events – galas, awards ceremonies, public events


As an experienced event organiser – Ameventino offers organisation of the most important company and public event addressed to a wide spectrum of audience. Such events are a challenge, therefore we meet your expectations, offering comprehensive help in organising any prestigious and exceptional company galas, charity events, awards ceremonies – even those big – and public events broadcast on public television. We organise small events for a few people and big one – addressed to a greater number of people.

Offering comprehensive services and organisation of VIP events, we promise professionalism, diligence and the highest standards of cooperation.

Team-building events (outings, concerts, barbecues, team-building trips)


If you want to organise an event outside the company premises, e.g. a barbecue, we can help to organise an unforgettable open air event. It is easy to invite guests, but providing unforgettable fun is quite another. We offer an array of attractions: from fun competitions to laser shows to fireworks display. We also organise discos, concerts and all kinds of artistic performances.

Business events (business meetings, ceremonial dinners)


The most important meetings and ceremonial, small events require special atmosphere and style. We offer organization of business meetings, ceremonial dinners and all events that require special atmosphere, unique style and extravagance.

Concerts big and small


A concert is a result of work of many people. Our experience and involvement enables us to organise small meetings with artists and concerts with stars. We carefully choose places where we organise concerts. We provide technical and administrative support that always meets needs, requirements and expectations of the invited artists.


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